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JC Adams interviews Ty Lattimore

JC Adams interviews Ty Lattimore
The full interview is at http://www.xbiz.com/news/glbt/98442

1.) How did you find Shawn Legend?

I discovered Shawn Legend at a promo event that some of my models and I attended a few years ago. He approached me and expressed an interest in auditioning. Shawn said he always wanted to do videos and he had sent some information to a few other studios but never heard back from them. After the audition, I instantly signed him to an exclusive contract at that time. I also named him Shawn Legend because he will become a legend.

2.) Tell me about Shawn: What's he like on set, funny anecdotes, stuff you like about him, etc.

Shawn is one of the most ambitious people I have ever met. He has a great sense of humor. Shawn loves to give me a hard time on set by keeping everyone cracking up. He has this little dance he does before every shoot to Kanye West's song "Gold Digger" that is so stupid.

What I like about Shawn is that he is a great natural performer. In the few years that I have been producing, I have shot almost one hundred guys. Shawn is rare in the sense that he was a natural. Shawn is one of a maybe five models I have discovered that hit the ground running. He did not require much directing or coaching. His very first scene was with me. I normally do not film with many of the guys and never on their first scene. He naturally loves the camera. Shawn is not shy at all. He is a sex whore and he knows how to make each scene hot! Shawn also shoots alot of cum. You can throw just about anything at Shawn, especially some big dicks, in a scene and he can make it work. He also stays hard no matter how long he is being fucked or how big the dick is! As a director, you love models like that and whom can bring some ideas of what they want to do in the scene as well. He definitely has watched alot of porn and studied some of the do and don'ts.

He has a great ass that loves dick. The man also has a huge set of balls, literally. His ball sack is always in the way when I am shooting some dude fucking Shawn's hole. In "Bang My Guts", Kaj's dick kept being eclipsed by Shawn's nutt pouch. Shawn also has a certain biracial look that I find interesting. He and Ryan Dickson, another of my models, are often asked what ethnicity are they because its hard to tell if they are Caucasian, African-American, Mixed, Latino and/or etc. That makes them relatable to just about anyone watching. They can be whatever I need them to be.

3.) Talk about directing this movie. What did you try to bring to it? What makes this one worth checking out?

Well, directing this movie was awesome. I wanted to feature Shawn in his own video. I get a lot of feedback on his performances in my other videos. I wanted to showcase him and really let him show what he can do. He has the potential to really build a career in the industry. This one is worth checking out because Shawn Legend shows just how well he can fuck and be fucked. We also include some of my other new models such as Tre Daniels, Angel Vasques, Deon T, Pierce and Kaj. Kaj has done some work with some New York studios. We had been discussing him doing something for me. I decided to pair him with Shawn because they have similar bodies but completely different features. Kaj has a huge dick and an 8 pack of abs. I knew he would enjoy fucking Shawn's booty hole. All of the models brought something interesting physically and sexually to the video. As with my other videos, there is a nice mix of body types, builds, ages, complexions, and ethnicity.

4.) Where are you based and when did you start directing? How many films per year do you produce?

I am based in Hot-Lanta aka Atlanta. I started directing and producing late 2004. I produce about 8-10 a year between Ty Lattimore Entertainment and Throttle Media. I also produce a line called DC Bandits, but its directed by Derrick King in Washington, DC. My goal is to start hiring more outside directors, such as my good buddy Dexter Palmer to sometimes mix it up and add some different flavor occasionally. Derrick King also will be taking on some additional directing duties. A few of the models have expressed some interest in directing. It would only make sense to give them a chance as someone did for me.

5.) What is the quintessential Ty Lattimore movie, if someone was going to check you out for the first time? Both as a performer and a director? What makes those movies so perfect for what you're about?

The quintessential Ty Lattimore Entertainment movie changes so much from video to video depending on what the theme is. My videos are not heavily scripted. There is no formula. Its video is organic. I generally have a theme for the video and we base it around that. But as a director, you will always see natural looking men or "everyday men" as I like to call them. The guys are not tweezed nor plucked nor steriod monsters. They are also not thugs, hustlers, pimps, convicts or other stereotypes that I often see in videos featuring Men of Color. While my focus is Men of Color, I include men of various ethnicity. I hate the term "Black Movie" or "Interracial Video." I shoot hot men regardless of race. Its really about who is right for each individual project. I really try to feature new or relatively new guys with occasional appearances by some of my porn star buddies. You will always see atleast one jockstrap and somebody getting cum on their face. I try to capture real sex with very little outside influence. I also try to make them as nasty as I can. The Throttle Media line takes it to a higher sleaze level with more fetish and extreme stuff like fisting, piss, spanking and huge dildos. I also try not to just film my personal taste. I notice how some directors only film there own personal taste. I also try to find unique looking models. TLE does not really have a particular type. None of the models resembles one another. Also unlike other studios headed by performers, I am generally not the focus of the video. Its not a vanity project or a way to highlight me as a performer. Sometimes people are not happy about that but I did not start my production company so that I could be in every scene or every video. My goal is to introduce new talent from Atlanta. I also shoot in Charlotte, DC, New Orleans, Detroit, and Jacksonville.

As a performer, its completely different. I just like fucking hot men in any given scenario but especially dirty scenarios. I am really becoming nastier on the film, the older I get. (Laughing) I used to be more know for "love-making" on film, now its like 'bang bang bang". I guess your taste change as you get older. I still try to give you alot of aggressive action with lots of dirty talk and a huge cum shot.

6.) Porn Team is your distributor, right? When is the movie available for wholesale/retail?

Yes, I am back with PornTeam. "Bang My Guts" premiered on August 15th and it is available now and so is our new 2009 Men of Ty Lattimore Ent calendar, which also includes Shawn Legend.

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