Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Updates for August

"Dial a Freak 2" starring Blaze, Hershal, Renzo, Cisco, Jericho, Pete, Quan, Eyce, Dion Legend, King B, Keith Ryder and Chase Blackmon will be dropping soon.

A new project from Throttle Media will be coming out soon as well. More than likely the sequel to "Soul in the Hole."

The 2010 Men of Ty Lattimore Ent calendar will be coming out next week. The models selected for this edition are: Omega, Mario Vick, CeJay, Khalil, Blaze, Dorian, Scoota, Justin Walker, Jay Hawkins, Marcos Covington, Scott Spears, Keon, Deon Legend, and Tankk.

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1 comment:

Scott Spears said...

Thanks for including me in the 2010 calendar. What month am I? Thanks, Scott Spears