Monday, June 22, 2009

Columbia Black Pride Weekend

Thanks to all the bruthas that came out to the BlackOut parties this weekend in Columbia. Not sure why folks still sleep on Columbia, but I always have a great time there. You kats believe in southern hospitality. Friday night was off the meter as usual. I did get the feedback about the person I had assisting me. Sorry that he was not as friendly as I am. That issue has been removed. Saturday night was tight. I was getting worried since you all rolled in late....but it turned out to be a great party. Thanks for the support. We even made it without anyone pissing all on the bathroom floor. So I was happy.
Don't forget....I will be back in Columbia for the July 3rd weekend. I am hosting my All Star Party at PT's Cabaret on Friday July 3rd at 9pm. D.J Ghost will be spinning. My models and I will be signing my newest video Ty's Playroom 2. Show starts at 11pm. There will be exotic dancers, performers and dvds for sale. I will be throwing another BlackOut Party that weekend too in the Greystone area. So make sure to check out my events.

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