Thursday, July 31, 2008

Coming Soon: Bang My Guts

Ty Lattimore Entertainment


Shawn Legend


Bang My Guts

also starring:

Tre Daniels

Angel Vasquez




Produced and Directed by Ty Lattimore

Shawn Legend fan wanted a movie focused on him. Well here it is. The newest versatile porn superstar is back to star in his own movie. Shawn and Tre are freshmen at a local historically black university. Tre gives Shawn a lesson in sex 101. Deon is a lil thug that rides the hell out of Angel's ass! Deon works Angel's hole all over the bed! Kaj is visiting Atlanta and decides he wants some Legend ass! Kaj stuffs his 10 inch pipe into Shawn's hole until he hits them guts!! Dayum was all we could say! Lastly Shawn switches the script and fucks Pierce's juicy ass! Pierce throws that ass back like only a Atl shawty could!

Themes: twinks, black men, jockstraps, young men, slender men, big dicks, smooth, college, latino, thugs, gay men, kissing, anal sex, big balls, deep throating, live sounds

TLE.....knocking shit ova in da porn world.

Model Spotlight: Sexy Redd

Sexy Redd

Position: Versatile

Sexy Redd stars in "Just Fuck That Raw Ass 3"

Sexy Redd had worked for another video company and starred in several videos. He expressed interest in filming for me. He is versatile, but he bottoms in "Just Fuck Dat Raw Ass 3". The man enjoys sex all the time any time! Sexy Redd has a thick dick, that stays hard even when he is being fucked....especially if he is fucked well. That tight yellow ass is wett and hot. I tend to cast new faces for my productions but I could not pass on the opportunity to film him. Look for him in "Just Fuck Dat Raw Ass 3" in stores.

Jacking: The Auditions in stores

Jacking: The Auditions

Running Time: 88 minutes

Director: Ty Lattimore

White Party Event in New Orleans Aug 15-17

The BEST Exotic Dance show in N.O. & the place to be in JuneCrown Prince Productions presents...The 4th ANNUAL WHITE PARTY
on Friday, August 15th, 2008@ CowPokes (1030 Marigny St.) corner of St. Claude and Marigny in New Orleans, La.
featuring: EXOTIC DANCERS: Phantum, Texas & Chocolate.
Also performing Siaz Fox Bonet.
Special Guests: Adult Film stars Ty Lattimore, Omega, Killa, & Odddesea will be in the house promoting, selling and signing The 2009 Men of Ty Lattimore Ent Calendar & new DVDs.Admission: $1210:30pm - 3:30am (showtime 12:30am)
for info contact: or Damian/337.526. 0629 or Richard/504. 931.5132

New yahoo group for Throttle Media

Throttle Media has been growing and its now time to spin off into its own group. The new place to find information about Throttle Media and our fisting and fetish projects is at our new yahoo group. You can join at:http://groups. group/throttle_ media/ This is just for the people interested in casting and news specifically related to Throttle Media.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Dial a Freak" in stores.. Our #1 best selling condom title

Dial A Freak

Running Time: 96 minutes

Director: Ty Lattimore

Things to consider before doing porn

Things to Consider Before Doing Porn

I am amazed at the number of responses I am getting about folks interested in being cast in my films. But as many of you that has spoken to me over the years know there is alot more that goes into be a porn actor than just having a great body or face or a big dick or a phat ass.
I am always amazed at the number of guys that pose nude or do a video and then regret it because they thought no one would recognize them. Believe me, there is always someone out there who will recognize you. Its not really a secret that you can control. Once the images are out there...they are FOREVER out there. I know pictures that are still being used and the model is dead or retired.
My advice is this....if you are not OUT to atleast your family and friends, then being in a porn video may not be a good idea. If you work with kids or in a religious arena, then porn may not be a great thing. If you still live at home with your folks and they may throw you out...then porn may not be a good thing for you. If you are "DL" or whatever you want to call it, then porn may not be a great idea. If you are only attracted to ONE type of guy, then porn may not be your thing. You will not be able to PICK who you will want to be filmed with. This is not Love Connection. You can't come to the porn set looking for love. Often you will be paired with guys that you may not be personally attracted to. If you can not stay hard or be penetrated in front of others, then porn may not be the best career move. If you think models are paid millions and can retire off of porn, then you are just plain crazy.
My point was all is takes is one wrong person to recognize you , for everyone in your life to find out. Also I am sure you do not know who may or may not be gay at your job. Again if you are leary with doing the basics of submitting your info on the model questionaire or sending your photos then maybe this is not the career for you. There is no company shooting guys who do not want to show their face. Most people that I have spoken to want to see ALL of the model. I will not even consider shooting anyone who wants top hide his face. You might want to really think about what you are doing. Once the stuff is out there you have no idea who will see it.
Lastly, PLEASE take time to read what you are signing or submitting to anyone. That's just good advice in life in general. My instructions were to send the profile/questionaire back with a few pics. Now common sense would tell you, how can anyone cast you in a porn WITHOUT pictures. One thing I know is every gay man thinks they are "fine and masculine ." Whatever that means.

Model Spotlight: Blaze


Position: Versatile

Blaze stars in "No Security Deposit", "Jacking: The Auditions 1", "Blazing Thru Atlanta", and "Just Fuck Dat Raw Ass 3".

Blaze had worked for several other video companies and we had know each other for a few years. He expressed interest in being in one of my videos. Blaze consistently performs well whether he is on top or bottom. He has a small tight frame. Blaze has a huge dick, that stays hard even when he is being fucked and a tight round ass. He often gets fucked with his Timbs on. The dude has skills!!!!! He is one of the most photogenic models and is one of my favorites to shoot. Anytime he is on the set, its guaranteed that we are going to laugh and joke around. He has a wild personality and he says what is on his mind.

"Ty's Playroom" in stores

Ty's Playroom

Running Time: 78 minutes

Director: Ty Lattimore

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Site to find info on your favorite pornstars

One of the group memembers shared an interesting site with me where you can find info about all your favorite pornstars. Its at and you can submit any films or info that may be missing from their profiles. Also a great place to find a videography of all your favorite models. All of the Ty Lattimore Ent models are on the site as well.

"A Little Off the Top" in Stores

A Little Off The Top

Running Time: 60 minutes

Director: Ty Lattimore

Stars: Ty Lattimore Tankk Ryan Dickson Chicago Robert McVee

Casting in New Orleans for shoot Aug 15-17

Thanks to all the studs that came to the shoot in Charlotte a few weekends ago. I was amazed a few guys even traveled to be part of the project. The guys were hot and ready to play. I enjoyed fisting, fucking and breeding while I was in town. The video will be out later this year. Next time we may do it in Charleston, SC or Myrtle Beach.

Also I hit the Eagle while I was in Charlotte. Very nice spot. The layout is pretty tight. Maybe next time we can film something there.

I will be in New Orleans Aug 15-17 to film another fisting/watersport video. Let me know if you are in the vincinity and are interested in filming. Definitely will be hitting the leather bear there while in town. Punch You In Yo Ass and Soul In Da Hole are both now available for purchase.

The next release 'Hole Wrecker" will be debuting at the end of August.
Casting for "Thirsty Holes"....a watersport video.

"Soul In Da Hole" in stores NOW

Soul In Da Hole

Running Time: 62 minutes

Director: Ty Lattimore

Model Spotlight: Bryce Chambers

Bryce Chambers

Position: Versatile Top

Bryce Chambers stars in "Jockstrap Bruthas", "Break His Back In", "Break His Back In 2", "Jacking: The Auditions", and "Wait Till I Bust This Nutt".

I selected Bryce for my videos after one of my casting scouts saw him online. Later I spoke with him on the phone and via email. Bryce is one of the nicest guys I have ever met. He is sexy in a quiet way. Bryce is very educated and humble, which is sexy by its self. He came to Atlanta and auditioned. Yes, he has a great body, huge dick, and a small round ass!!! Bryce is always hard and his stamina is amazing. What I also liked is his sexy nipples. He is easy to direct and listens very well. He also has braces and they look very sexy on him. Bryce is one of my favorite models to work with. He was one of the first Ty Lattimore Ent Exclusive Models.

Monday, July 28, 2008

"Jockstrap Twinks" in stores

Jockstrap Twinks
Studio: Ty Lattimore Entertainment

Power producer Ty Lattimore introduces his first ever twink terrific film! Jam packed with smokin' hot boys from the south, "Jockstrap Twinks: Big Dick White Boiz" shows off big dicks and tight toned bodies! Watch in amazement as these hotties bend and twist in pleasure!
Stars: Chance, Devon Mace, Shawn Legend, Aaron Stallings, Nathan Woods,
Director: Ty Lattimore

"Jockstrap Bruthas" in stores

Jockstrap Bruthas
Running Time:
100 minutes
Ty Lattimore Entertainment
Ty Lattimore

Bryce Chambers Ty Lattimore Tankk Krupt Jack of Trades Pierce

Series: Break His Back In

"Break His Back In"

Imagine 9 sexy bruthas lined up and waiting just for you! Watch smokin' hot Ty Lattimore and his fucktastic friends nearly break their dicks off as they dive balls deep into tight black crack! From hot chocolate luvas to spicy latino papis, these men love it hard and fast and from every angle!
Stars: Maverick, Ty Lattimore, Ryan Dickson, Renzo, Bo Henderson, Bryce Chambers, Shawn Legend, Marcos Ortiz, Kevin Coles, See Star Bios...
Director: Ty Lattimore

Break His Back In 2

Studio: Ty Lattimore Entertainment

Break His Back In 2 is about big dick tops fucking tight assholes. Scott Spears loves big dicks and Bryce Chambers has plenty to give. Scott's hole gets dogged by phat dick Bryce. Marcos Covington handles Jacoby's hungry asshole! Meanwhile Jack of Trades pleasures his own dick till he cums. Dante Franklin, a porn star you have not seen in awhile, beats the brakes off Isiah Wright. Isiah is a new model for TLE and was not ready for a huge dick brutha like Dante. Dante even has Isiah taste some nutt juice. Lastly is a group scene featuring Khalil, Daquiri, Blaquetiger, and Ty Lattimore. Enjoy the show!

Stars: Dante Franklin, Ty Lattimore, Jack of Trades, Scott Spears, Jacoby, Bryce Chambers, Marcos Covington, Isiah Wright, Khalil, Daquiri, Blaquetiger, See Star Bios...
Director: Ty Lattimore

Series: Just F*ck Dat Raw Ass

Just Fuck Dat Raw Ass II
Studio: Ty Lattimore Entertainment
Hot amateur bareback action between smokin' hot Black guys in this amazing movie from big-dicked director and star Ty Lattimore. Hot Black assholes begging to be stretched wide for bareback cock; hot, hungry mouths gaping wide to catch every last drop of steaming know it's Just Fuck Dat Raw Ass!
Stars: Ty Lattimore, Nova, Dorian, Renzo, Shawn Legend, The Dicksman, Jay Hawkins, See Star Bios...
Director: Ty Lattimore

"Just Fuck Dat Raw Ass 1"
Studio: Ty Lattimore Entertainment
Ty Lattimore brings to you yet another amazing film, this time these horny fuckers are getting down in the shower and any where else around the house they feel like. Interracial sex at its best in some amazing positions with some mind blowing Cock sucking scenes.
Stars: Ty Lattimore, Ryan Dickson, Jay-R, Allen Eaton, Shawn Legend, See Star Bios...
Director: Ty Lattimore

"Wait till I Bust this Nutt" in stores now!

Don't miss out on Ty Lattimore's latest butt-fucking good flick. This cum-drenched film features Tankk's FIRST time on top! These sexy men cum in black AND white! Watch black on black and hot interracial scenes that will drive you wild. These guys take long hard cocks deep down their throats and deep into their tight assholes! Don't miss out!
Stars: Ty Lattimore, Moet, Tankk, Alex Payne, Jacoby, Leland James, Krupt, Bryce Chambers, Charles Rod, Smoke, See Star Bios...
Director: Ty Lattimore

GBM Interviews Ty Lattimore

Ty Lattimore interviewed for

Let’s start with your stats? Astrological sign? Birthplace?

I am 5’11, 180 lbs, 9 inches cut. 31 years old. I am a Cancer and originally from Oakland, CA. I am based in Atlanta, GA.

What made you want to get into the Adult Entertainment Industry?

Well I did not really choose it. I was a print model and a producer approached me in San Francisco. I realized that I enjoyed it. I know the politically correct thing is to say that I do it for the money. But that bullshit, I do it because I love it and I am great at it.

How long have you been in porn?

2007 makes it about ten or eleven years on and off.

Who are your favorite porn stars?

My favorites to watch are all of my Ty Lattimore Ent models. Outside of that I really enjoy a lot of the new models on the scenes. But my all time current favorite is Carlos Morales. Old school would have to be Ty Jones. New school would be Shorty J.

Who is your favorite co-star?

Wow. Now that could get me into a lot of trouble. I have liked mostly everyone I have ever worked with. I think there have been some that I had better chemistry with than others. I really liked the work I did in Glory Holes of New York and in Punch You in Yo Ass.

Well, that answered my next question of which of your videos you had the most fun making. So let me ask you, what do you attribute to the success of Ty Lattimore and now, Ty Lattimore Entertainment?

That’s a good question. I think my success comes from just being me. I have never tried to play character or persona. I am truly the person I come across as on-screen. I also try to stay grounded and never let my ego get out of control. I also have many other aspects of my life that do not involve porn, which helps to balance me as a person. I also try to be accessible and keep my ears on what people like to see. Ty Lattimore Entertainment is all about me filming the type of men you see everyday. I shoot the most diverse group of models than any other company and the most diverse type of content. We have muscle dudes, shawties, twinks, older men, hairy men, uncut, thick brothas, biracial, European, Southern men, and Hispanic men. We shoot bareback, condom videos, fisting, watersports, and “regular” sex too.

What is your company’s mission statement?

Real Men. Real Diversity. Southern Flava.

What do you see for your immediate future?

I see Ty Lattimore Entertainment growing in leaps and bounds and becoming one of the premier gay porn companies. Period. My team and I work very hard to make these videos and promote them. I am hands on with everything from concepts, casting, directing, producing, and anything else that requires my input.

What has been your biggest accomplishment during your career?
My biggest accomplishments are yet to come. As of right now, its just being able to say I am still here after all that I have been through. Second biggest is starting my own business and using all that I have learned to redefine myself from a model, stripper, escort, porn star, columnist and writer to now being a business man, producer, and director.

What is the biggest misconception about you?

That I am stuck up or unapproachable. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What does Ty enjoy in his spare time?

I enjoy quiet and sleep when I am not working 12-13 hours days. I mostly like to travel and photography. I love anything dealing with art, photography, images, film and video medium. I am also a huge music fan.

Who is your cd player right now?

Alicia Keys’ new album and Ciara. Also I am really feeling Neyo and Rihanna’s new duet.

What is your favorite food?

Tie between Thai and Chinese food.

What is your favorite movie?

Lady Sings the Blues and Why Did I Get Married.

Are you single?

I do not discuss my personal life.

Describe your ideal man?

I don't think I have ever been asked that for an interview. Well, I like men that are confident, smart, funny and ambitious. Physically, he has to have a sexy smile and great feet. I am like Eddie Murphy in Boomerang when it comes to feet. He has to be lickable from head to toe. I like a dude that has nice legs and ass!

Aight. What is your idea of the perfect date?

Anything that means being with the person you enjoy being with and just being yourselves.

What is an average day like for Ty Lattimore?

No such thing as “average.” It varies day to day. It really depends on if I am filming. Often it’s casting videos, dealing with stores and distributors, meeting with editors and graphics artist. It’s following up with projects and coordinating release dates, and promotional appearances. It is dealing with models and their issues. It can be responding to emails. Yes, I do answer my own email. Not sure why that surprises people. Mostly it’s different every single day. Essentially it’s doing whatever it takes to make it work. Sometimes that also means being in the actual videos.

Anything else that your fans should know about you?

I think my real fans know quite a bit about me already from over the years. Thank you so much for the support over the years. Also I thank you for this opportunity.

Hit it RAW in stores

Sometimes in life you've gotta 'Hit It' when you can! For power top Ty, opportunity came knocking at his door in the form of sexy youngin' Cisco needing a telephone for roadside service. Ty showed him that good ole southern hospitality and some good gut bustin' bareback raw fuckin' too! It seems like everyone was having car trouble because hot young mechanic, Jack of Trade, was showing Jacoby just how to master his dick in the nearby garage. If garage floors could speak, they would be saying 'DAMN!' Is it a car? Or a SUV? Nope, it is Tankk's hungry ass looking for some good raw fuckin' from his boy Renzo. These brothas can't keep their hands off each other. They make the kitchen counter the perfect workspace for serving that southern specialty of phat ass and thick dick with nut on the side. Any way you look at it, when you need to hit it, HIT IT RAW!


Ty Lattimore
Jack of Trades
Michael Lamar
Dante Franklin

Model Spotlight: Marcos Covington

Name: Marcos Covington

Position: Top

Marcos stars in "Break His Back In 2", "Blazing Thru Atlanta", and the upcoming "Atl Grafitti"
I selected Marcos as a model because he has a huge dick and he is freaky as hell. He looks like a grown opposed to these young barely legal looking guys. Marcos has a grown man's body. He has a sex appeal that caught my eye. He has a huge, long dick that stays hard when he is fucking. His ass is round and sexy. Marcos also has a knack for eating his own cum. VERY HOT!!! He has a great personality and is very easy to direct onscreen. He also will be featured in an upcoming fisting video for Throttle Media.

"Just F*ck Dat Raw Ass 3" is in stores

"Just Fuck Dat Raw Ass 3" is on

Ty Lattimore Entertainment


Odddesea Ty Lattimore Blaze


Just Fuck Dat Raw Ass 3

also starring:

Sexy Redd



Deon T.


Produced and Directed by Ty Lattimore

Ty Lattimore and his buddies are back for another chapter in this hot raw series. This time Sexy Redd decides to audition for Ty. Redd really puts his back into it and shows why he should be a porn star! Erotic has a nightmare that his lover, Renzo, is missing. He wakes up to find out it was all a dream. Ty then teams up with Blaze for the first time in history. Blaze, the star of the recent smash "Blazing Thru Atl", finally meets the legend and the sex is explosive. Deon has a pizza delivery for Odddesea. Somehow the pizza is half eaten. Odddesea is not happy and decides he wants some of Deon's ass instead of a pizza.
Lastly, there is a bonus scene with Ty and Kadeam. Kadeam is a former semi football player. The two freak outside of Kadeam's house.

Themes: twinks, bareback, Black men, jockstraps, young men, slender men, big dicks, cum tasting, uncut, smooth, thick men, outdoor sex, college, thugs, gay men, kissing, anal sex, big balls, deep throating, live sounds, oral sex, rimming,

Go to and

Ty's Playroom 2: Daddies and Shorties

"Ty's Playroom 2: Daddies and Shorties" coming to soon

This is the sequel to Ty's Playroom. Ty's Playroom 2 features mostly all new black studs in leather, jockstraps and slings! Just as with every TLE video, TP2 has a great mixure of ages, body types and skin tones.

Starring: Ty Lattimore, Keenan, Rico Love, N-Ice, Kyle Hamilton, Lil Zion, Jacoby, and CJ.

Newcomer Keenan is in a sling waiting for Ty to come pound him. Keenan gets a Lattimore-style fucking. As usual, Ty delivers lots of action and cum! Kyle Hamilton and Lil Zion are both new to adult videos. We figured Kyle would be fucking Lil Zion. It turned out to be completely opposite!!!! Kyle is a sexy bottom brutha and Lil Zion is the top. Rico Love finally stars in a TLE video...and he definitely worth the wait! Rico, has done some work for other video companies, is a sexy biracial stud with a huge uncut dick. Rico starts by giving N-Ice a jacking show. N-Ice's ass is wet and ready for Rico's piece to be inside him. Ty, Cj and Jacoby pair up for a lil 3-way action. CJ and Jacoby both need some good dick from Ty. Lattimore is always up to the challenge of some good raw ass. As usual, Jacoby loves a good cum facial! He loves the taste of baby batter.

Bonus Fetish Menu and Photo Gallery

Directed by Ty Lattimore

Sunday, July 27, 2008

List of Our titles

All of our videos... Print it out and take it to your local video store. You can order them online or you can order from Ty Lattimore Ent directly or from

Ty Lattimore Ent titles:
A Little Off the Top
Dial a Freak
No Security Deposit
Jacking the Audition 1
Jockstrap Bruthas
Just Fuck Dat Raw Ass
Just Fuck Dat Raw Ass 2
Jockstrap Twinks
Break His Back In
Break His Back In 2
Ty's Playroom
Hit it RAW
Blazing Thru Atlanta
Wait Till I Bust This Nutt
Just Fuck Dat Raw Ass 3

Throttle Media titles:
Punch You in Yo Ass
Soul in Da Hole

DC Bandits titles:
Quest 4 Sex

Blazing Thru Atlanta

"Blazing Thru Atlanta" in stores now!!!

Blaze wanted to come to Atlanta and see how the boys do it in da A. After stints on various sites and porn companies, Blaze decided to join up with Ty Lattimore Entertainment. Marcos Covington, Justin, and Pierce know how to show a visitor a great time. Blaze goes form being fucked to fucking in this four-way. Newbie Jericho wanted his first time on screen to be with a big dick to. Blaze pounds Jericho's walls 'till they fall! Next up it's the wettest hole in town. Shawn Legend wanted some of Blaze inside him! Lil Star also has to get in on the action too. Good dick is so hard to find! Blaze still has juice left and ends by jerking his own huge dick until he blasts his load.

Directed by Ty Lattimore


Shawn Legend
Marcos Covington
Lil' Star
Justin Walker


"Chronicles of Tankk" coming soon!

Coming Soon......

The "Chronicles of Tankk" will be a greatest "hits" video starring Tankk, one of our most popular models. Tankk recently announced he was retiring from porn to pursue other interests. His fan have been emailing us for a box set of his videos. We decided to put together a video featuring Tankk and many of his favorite scenes. Tankk selected all of the scenes for this DVD!! He allowed us behind the scenes to see a bit of his private life and a typical day in the life. Tankk also shares some of his thoughts about porn and his experience infront of the camera.

Also starring in Chronicles of Tankk:
Ryan Dickson
and Jacoby

Scheduled drop date November 2008

"Wait Till I Bust This Nutt" is in stores. Casting for "Ty's Playroom 3."

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Casting Call

Ty Lattimore Entertainment/ East Point Studios is producing our first TS video adult video. We are looking for sexy TS pre-op individuals with great bodies, legs, ass and dick. You gotta be on point! This video will focus on TS of Color. Please email me directly at for more info and the model application. Have 3-4 nude pics and a face shot available when applying.

Model Spotlight: Tre Daniels

Name: Tre Daniels
Position: Versatile Bottom
Tre is starring in the upcoming "Bang My Guts"
I selected Tre to be a model because he has an awesome body. He is not slim nor thick. He is just perfect. He has a huge, thick dick that stays hard when he is fucking or getting fucked. His ass is round and sexy. The man has sexy skin and a great personality. It took much convincing but he has two more additional videos coming soon.

Just F*ck Dat Raw Ass 3 Released

Today was hectic as usual. My new video "Just F*ck Dat Raw Ass 3" arrived at office. Anytime a new video is released means craziness. All the screener dvds had to ship to the cast and crew. I do my best to make sure my models get their copies first. The problem is that many of the models change addresses or telephone numbers between the time a video is shot and when it actually comes out. So we have to spend some time tracking people down, which is so frustrating. Next are the reviewers and media outlets. We are really trying to get a buzz created for this video. "Just F*ck Dat Raw Ass 1" and "Just F*ck Dat Raw Ass 2" were very popular videos for us. I am really proud of all the videos and I hope people can see how much energy and passion goes into them.

JFDRA3 is the first video starring Odddesea. I really am impressed with him and attempting to make him one of my proteges. The kid has talent and star potential. I also really like my scene with Blaze. The sexual energy between us is crazy. He has been wanting to get mashed hard on film, so now he has. The scene with Erotic and Renzo should get some good feedback. I was really happy with them being paired together.

Not only is the new video out but our 2009 Men of Ty Lattimore Ent calendar just came out on Monday. We had a 2007 and a 2008 calendar. Both sold well but they were only available online. This new calendar will be in stores so it should even do better. It was hard selecting the guys for the calendars. In the last three years we have shot alot of models. So we are promoting the calendar and the new video.

I also went to look at a new possible filming location downtown. The spot is nice and secluded. I think it will be a great spot for the next fisting shoot.

Other part of the day was spent preparing for the New Orleans event next month. My plan is to take Odddesea, Killa, Bryce, and Omega. I think the audience would love them. We are really planning something special for the White Party. We will also be shooting a video while in New Orleans. Should be hot and spicy!