Monday, September 29, 2008

"Punch You In Yo Ass 2" now available

My new model Max Forester stars in it. I decided to feature him on the cover. My scene with Max has me breeding and fucking him like a slave. Next up is my scene with Chris Novak. He is an older dude with a hot hole. He is one of those bottoms that is into everything. His hole was throbbing in anticipation. I made his ass cheeks red while I thrusted my blk dick into his white ass. Chris also has a thing for toys. So I got him warmed up with those. Then I had him drink my piss in the shower. Greg Carlson and I pair up for the last scene. He is a hot toned stud with a hot ass and great abs. I took him through the ringers. I fucked and fisted him for several hours. He told me that he had not been fisted in awhile and that he had not been pissed on. He begged me to stop. So of course, I fisted him harder and then shot my load in his ass! After my seed drips out, I then pissed on his hole. I don't think he really knew what he bargined for...

The video is pretty hard core. It's insane!! My first video with breeding and cumpies in addition to fisting, piss, toys and fucking.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Model Spotlight: Keith Ryder

Keith Ryder

Position: Versatile

Keith stars in "Ty's Playroom 2"

Keith and I chatted online last year. I already knew what he looked liked from a few cam shows he did. He expressed an interest in filming. I invited him to a video shoot that I had scheduled. After one of the tops failed to show up, Keith stepped in. He took of his clothes off and walked into the scene. Keith's dick stayed hard as he drilled the bottom kat. He was not nervous at all. Keith even stays hard after cumming!!! You can catch Keith in "Ty's Playroom 2" next month.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gangbangs and 30/40 year old men

Lately, I been getting alot of emails asking why we have not been shooting any gangbang especially the type that one other company produces with the typically twink white guy getting fucked by all the black studs. I can tell you from experience that shooting gangbangs is not easy. That a lot of personalities, egos, issues, and etc in one space. Its also difficult shooting them with one camera as must amateur producers usually on have one camera.

Its also been difficult finding more older men to shoot. I love shooting older men. My models range from 20-46 years old. But its hard convincing men over 30 to be in the videos. Many have been brainwashed into thinking they are too old! Many times in gay culture we are taught that 30 is over the hill. Its sad and frustrating. I see some great guys 30 and 40 plus but they are usually very self conscious about being onscreen. Not saying that it can not be done. I love a challenge and this is why I started my own production company. I was not seeing many of the different types of guys I like and too many of the same twinks, stereotypes, and gay for pay models. Nothing against them but just not what I wanted to see.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Model Spotlight: Max Forester

Max Forester

Position: Bottom

Max Forester stars in the upcoming Throttle Media release "Punch You in Yo Ass 2" due at the end of this month. Max contacted me after seeing "Soul in the Hole" earlier this year. He told me how much he likes being fisted and wanted to service me. Actually there was NOT alot he does not like sexually. I told him that I was about to start shooting Punch 2 and I needed one more model for it. I told him to send me a few pics, as I do with all new guys interested in filming. I liked what I saw.

During filming, Max could not get enough of my fist and dick inside him!! I fisted and fucked him for hours. My dick enjoyed his muscular pink hole and hot mouth. Wait till you see how I destroy his asshole and watch him push my cum out of his guts! Max will begin shooting another project for us soon. Definitely check out "Punch You in Yo Ass 2" on August 25th.