Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Photoshoot with Ty and Dingo

On this past Saturday I had a photoshoot in Atlanta with new porn model King Dingo. The photographer was Seven. I have worked with Seven on another occasion and he took some great shots of me. I usually only shoot with other models when I am in a video with them. So this was a bit different. I had heard of Dingo, but had never met him. Dingo is new to the industry but has worked with several studios recently. Seven had a specific concept in mind. My mind did not know what to expect.

King Dingo was cool and easy to work with. Not to mention very sexy and tall!!!!Shoot started a little late, but we rocked it. Seven allows you to really get creative. I had quite a few ideas myself. King Dingo was professional and friendly. I can not wait for the images to be released.

Definitely have to work with him some more in the future. A new model with no ego and took direction well...that is so rare in this industry.

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