Thursday, September 4, 2008

Model Spotlight: Max Forester

Max Forester

Position: Bottom

Max Forester stars in the upcoming Throttle Media release "Punch You in Yo Ass 2" due at the end of this month. Max contacted me after seeing "Soul in the Hole" earlier this year. He told me how much he likes being fisted and wanted to service me. Actually there was NOT alot he does not like sexually. I told him that I was about to start shooting Punch 2 and I needed one more model for it. I told him to send me a few pics, as I do with all new guys interested in filming. I liked what I saw.

During filming, Max could not get enough of my fist and dick inside him!! I fisted and fucked him for hours. My dick enjoyed his muscular pink hole and hot mouth. Wait till you see how I destroy his asshole and watch him push my cum out of his guts! Max will begin shooting another project for us soon. Definitely check out "Punch You in Yo Ass 2" on August 25th.

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