Thursday, May 21, 2009

BlackOut In Philly

Just wanted to send a shout out to all the Bruthas from Philly, Deleware and NJ that attended the BlackOut Party in Philly on Friday night. I had never had a party in the area but I was glad I did. Everyone was sexy and cool. Special shout to all the muscular/athletic kats that attended!!!! ! No drama and no issues. Even though a few folks flaked, the party was off the meter....I always prefer quality over quantity anyway. Philly definitely brought some quality. Glad the word spread out over A4A, but always know my party info is posted here before A4A or BGC. Thanks to Lawrence and Vic for getting the word out to the right folks.
Not sure when I will be back in the Philly area but catch our upcoming parties in Atl and Columbia(SC) and Charlotte.
Lastly, feel free to post some pics or videos of yourselves and chat with some of the other members in the group. Also invite some friends to join us, if they are into freak parties.

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