Monday, May 4, 2009

Thanks to all the friends and fans that came out for my Spring Bling party and my VIP/Blackout party. My sexy host and co-promoter Dorae Saunders were on point and she really took care of us. Everyone in South Carolina was so friendly and happy to see us. My models and team really did an awesome job. Had a blast partying with you guys. You know we like to cause mayhem. Some folks came from TN, DC, VA, NC, GA, FL, and all over the country. We had so much fun meeting everyone in Columbia, SC. The show, the performers and D.J Ghost were amazing. Drinks were just right!!! Definitely will be planning some more events in Columbia and over cities stayed tuned......To the haters, esp the whack ass, punk, jealous club promoter in Columbia who thinks he is the bomb ....most of all thank you. You make me better. Instead of hating on me, elevate your game shawty. Stop treating folks anyway you want to and they will support your events, too. Karma is mf. When you treat people well, it always comes back to you.


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