Saturday, July 26, 2008

Just F*ck Dat Raw Ass 3 Released

Today was hectic as usual. My new video "Just F*ck Dat Raw Ass 3" arrived at office. Anytime a new video is released means craziness. All the screener dvds had to ship to the cast and crew. I do my best to make sure my models get their copies first. The problem is that many of the models change addresses or telephone numbers between the time a video is shot and when it actually comes out. So we have to spend some time tracking people down, which is so frustrating. Next are the reviewers and media outlets. We are really trying to get a buzz created for this video. "Just F*ck Dat Raw Ass 1" and "Just F*ck Dat Raw Ass 2" were very popular videos for us. I am really proud of all the videos and I hope people can see how much energy and passion goes into them.

JFDRA3 is the first video starring Odddesea. I really am impressed with him and attempting to make him one of my proteges. The kid has talent and star potential. I also really like my scene with Blaze. The sexual energy between us is crazy. He has been wanting to get mashed hard on film, so now he has. The scene with Erotic and Renzo should get some good feedback. I was really happy with them being paired together.

Not only is the new video out but our 2009 Men of Ty Lattimore Ent calendar just came out on Monday. We had a 2007 and a 2008 calendar. Both sold well but they were only available online. This new calendar will be in stores so it should even do better. It was hard selecting the guys for the calendars. In the last three years we have shot alot of models. So we are promoting the calendar and the new video.

I also went to look at a new possible filming location downtown. The spot is nice and secluded. I think it will be a great spot for the next fisting shoot.

Other part of the day was spent preparing for the New Orleans event next month. My plan is to take Odddesea, Killa, Bryce, and Omega. I think the audience would love them. We are really planning something special for the White Party. We will also be shooting a video while in New Orleans. Should be hot and spicy!

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