Monday, July 28, 2008

"Just F*ck Dat Raw Ass 3" is in stores

"Just Fuck Dat Raw Ass 3" is on

Ty Lattimore Entertainment


Odddesea Ty Lattimore Blaze


Just Fuck Dat Raw Ass 3

also starring:

Sexy Redd



Deon T.


Produced and Directed by Ty Lattimore

Ty Lattimore and his buddies are back for another chapter in this hot raw series. This time Sexy Redd decides to audition for Ty. Redd really puts his back into it and shows why he should be a porn star! Erotic has a nightmare that his lover, Renzo, is missing. He wakes up to find out it was all a dream. Ty then teams up with Blaze for the first time in history. Blaze, the star of the recent smash "Blazing Thru Atl", finally meets the legend and the sex is explosive. Deon has a pizza delivery for Odddesea. Somehow the pizza is half eaten. Odddesea is not happy and decides he wants some of Deon's ass instead of a pizza.
Lastly, there is a bonus scene with Ty and Kadeam. Kadeam is a former semi football player. The two freak outside of Kadeam's house.

Themes: twinks, bareback, Black men, jockstraps, young men, slender men, big dicks, cum tasting, uncut, smooth, thick men, outdoor sex, college, thugs, gay men, kissing, anal sex, big balls, deep throating, live sounds, oral sex, rimming,

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