Sunday, July 27, 2008

"Chronicles of Tankk" coming soon!

Coming Soon......

The "Chronicles of Tankk" will be a greatest "hits" video starring Tankk, one of our most popular models. Tankk recently announced he was retiring from porn to pursue other interests. His fan have been emailing us for a box set of his videos. We decided to put together a video featuring Tankk and many of his favorite scenes. Tankk selected all of the scenes for this DVD!! He allowed us behind the scenes to see a bit of his private life and a typical day in the life. Tankk also shares some of his thoughts about porn and his experience infront of the camera.

Also starring in Chronicles of Tankk:
Ryan Dickson
and Jacoby

Scheduled drop date November 2008

"Wait Till I Bust This Nutt" is in stores. Casting for "Ty's Playroom 3."

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