Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Model Spotlight: Alex Payne

Alex Payne

Position: Versatile

Alex Payne stars in "Ty's Playroom" and "Wait Till I Bust This Nutt"

Alex Payne has only been in the porn business a few years but he has stayed pretty busy. We met on a shoot a few years back. I wanted him to film for me because he is older, sexy, and into leather. He has a huge sexual appetite and he can pretty much do it all. While he is versatile, I tend to film him as a bottom servicing his ass to studs like Renzo and Bryce. But he will top in his next project for us. Alex is hairy and muscular which provides a great contrast to alot of the more slender and smooth guys I pair him up with. The man can also cum multiple times back to back as he does when sucking Bryce's dick in "Wait Till I Bust This Nut."

Look for him in some upcoming Throttle Media films that showcase more of his fetish side.

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