Saturday, August 2, 2008

Model Spotlight: Erotic


Position: Versatile

Erotic stars in "Just Fuck That Raw Ass 3"

Erotic is an aggressive stud that can top or bottom with out any trouble. The dude talks almost as much shit as Odddesea. Erotic and I met years ago when he was a stripper and he expressed interest in being a porn model. He has since worked for several NY and Atlanta video producers. When he heard I had started my own video company, he was one of the first people to express an interest. Erotic told me he had to be in "Just Fuck Dat Raw Ass 3" when I started announcing casting for the video. How could I say no. Being that Erotic has phat ass and dick , he likes to use both, and he stays hard no matter what....I figured I would pair him with my other most versatile model....Renzo. I was not sure what would happen when these two met but I knew something hot would come from it!

Look for him in "Just Fuck Dat Raw Ass 3" on sale now and in "Quest 4 Sex" from DC Bandits.

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